Savoya Basso

Designed by Marco Agnoli and handmade by our master Italian craftsmen. Its design, simple but with the attitude of the protagonist, who manages to mix and communicate strength and elegance at same time. Savoya with its roundness reminds typical lines of the fifties which have been evolved to our time while respecting the memory and the feeling of something important and valuable. Its mood is a fusion of classic and contemporary taste and it is suitable for high-end residences. In a few words simply excellent for living areas to be lived with full relax and in a unique, warm and and cozy atmosphere. Also suitable for hospitality and purposes. Very comfortable, Savoya is also available sectional or with higher back.

  • Upholstered chair
  • Love sofa
  • Armchair
  • Sofa 2 seater (one pillow included)
  • Sofa 3 seater (two pillow included)
Fabric Nobilis cat. Top
Velvet 100% CO. Washable by dry cleaning. Ironing only on reverse side at low temperature.
Fabric Hermoso cat. Top
37% LI – 19% CO – 44% VI. Washable by hand in cold water (max. 30°). Low temperature ironing.
Genuine Prestige Leather cat. L’lux
Chrome tanned hides with European origins and processed in Italy. Full grain, through dyeing aniline. Thickness 1.1 – 1.2 mm
Genuine Plaisir Leather cat. Superior
Chrome tanned hides with European origins and processed in Italy. Corrected grain, through dyeing aniline. Thickness 1.2 – 1.3 mm
Please check meters of fabric needed on SPECIFICATION (height of fabric 1,40 meters with no repeat).

  • Solid oak natural color

  • Wengé Color

  • Gold Leaf

  • Silver Leaf

This sophisticated and softly rounded design sofa is the testimonial of modern and elegant luxury. Its refined figure is created with a firm wooden frame which is upholstered with multi-layer polyurethane foam and it is covered by a second white color and double thickness protective fabric. High resiliency polyurethane foam ensures excellent comfort of the seat cushions. Rich of valuable handcrafting details.

As final covering natural fabric or leather are both appropriate. To maintain its original elegance, we suggest to cover SAVOYA sofa with 50’S typical color fabrics. Otherwise if you wish to add more richness and glamour to your sofa, you can select one of classic colors of our genuine Plaisir or Prestige leathers which are extremely soft and smooth.

Seat cushions are made with several densities of high resiliency polyurethane foam, covered with a white color cotton fabric as second protective cover. Also frame is upholstered with several densities of high resiliency polyurethane foam to ensure longer life possible maintaining original comfort.

Upholstered chair: W. 73 cm. x D. 67 cm. x H. 69 cm. Seat Height cm. 45
Love sofa: W. 150 cm. x D. 87 cm. x H. 79 cm. Seat Height cm. 45
Armchair: W. 92 cm. x D. 84 cm. x H. 63 cm. Seat Height 41 cm.
Sofa 2 -Seater: W. 165 cm. x D. 84 cm. x H. 63 cm. Seat Height 41 cm.
Sofa 3-Seater: W. 210 cm. x D. 84 cm. x H. 63 cm. Seat Height 41 cm.
Footrest oval shape: W. 82 cm. x D. 50 cm. x H. 35 cm.

For bespoke on demand please ask to Concierge.

Customer’s own material (C.O.M.) requires 3,00 meters for upholstered Chair, 5,40 meters for Love Sofa, 3,80 meters for Armchair, 6,50 meters for Sofa 2-Seater, 8,40 meters for Sofa 3-Seater and 2,30 meters for footrest oval shape (height of fabric 1,40 meters with no repeat).

Hand Made to order.

Fabric cover can be taken off for dry cleaning. Quite easy to remove it and to put it back. Washing fabric covers please follow instructions you will receive together with your sofas.
New covers available for at least 10 years from purchasing date.
Our quality Genuine Leathers are rich, soft and naturally processed. Please avoid to expose leather to the sun light and also keep it away from heat sources. Concerning Genuine leather Prestige: surface is not protected by artificial substances and by using the product leather will assume a “lived-in” look typical of genuine natural leather. We suggest dusting regularly with a soft and dry cloth.

Product will be ready to be collected or shipped within 5 weeks from date of our order confirmation. About instructions and delivery to your address please contact or check on “Terms & Conditions”